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Meet the UK’s future cyber defenders

by AprilSix Proof

Working at Proof Communication gives you some fairly unusual days at the office

Today Proof are giving a group of journalists a glimpse of the UK’s future cyber defenders as they are put through their paces in a unique online security training camp. In the midst of a remarkable setting within the tank shed at the Defence Academy in Shrivenham, a group of talented computer wizards will battle teams of military personnel in a cyber defence role playing game developed and assessed by the British Intelligence Agencies GCHQ.

The camps provide a unique opportunity to offer a human angle on the story describing the development of the mysterious cyber skills set, so sought after by government and industry alike, in a new generation of amateur enthusiasts. Previous camps run at the Defence Academy, Lancaster University and Glasgow Caledonian University have drawn attendance from a wide range of journalists from across national and technology trade media including the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC Radio 1 and 4, Scotland Tonight, the Glasgow Herald and the Engineer.

Proof will be tweeting throughout the day onsite at the Defence Academy. You can follow events at @cyberchallenge and from our own official account @ProofComm